Stephen (Steve) Adler




·         Juris Doctor 1965 - Columbia University Law School, NYC, USA.

·         Bachelor of Science 1962 – Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations.

·         1958 - Midwood High School, NYC, USA.


Work Experience:


Arbitrator and Mediator, 2011 to present.

President (Chief Justice), National Labor Court – August 1997 – November 2010.

Deputy President, National Labor Court – 1990-1997.

Judge, National Labor Court – 1985-1990.

Chief Judge, Tel Aviv Regional Labor Court, 1981-1985.

Judge Jerusalem Regional Labor Court, 1976-1981.

Private Attorney in Jerusalem, Israel, 1970-1976. [Was a member of the Israel Bar]

Attorney, U.S. Government: National Labor Relations Board, U.S.A., 1965-1967 Washington Office, Advice Section; 1967-1968, Los Angeles Southern Regional Office. [Was a member of the New York State Bar and the California Bar, now an inactive member]


Academic Experience:


·         Adjunct Lecturer, Hebrew University Law Faculty, 1996 – present.

·         Distinguished Visiting Fellow – School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University, 2009-2014 international and comparative labor department, teaches a yearly a course comparing Israeli and American labor relations and labor law.

·         Distinguished Visiting Fellow, School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University, March 2005, April/May 2007.

·         Adjunct Lecturer - Central European University 2000 to 2004, taught summer course in dispute resolution program for university teachers, PhD students and research professionals, together with Prof. Manfred Weiss and Csilla Kollanay-Lehoczky.

·         Senior Fellow, Distinguished Visiting Scholar - St. Johns College, Institute of Comparative International Law, Oxford University, January/February, 2002.

·         Adjunct Professor - Cardozo Law School, NYC, NY, 1997, taught course relating to international law.

·         Adjunct Lecturer, Hebrew University Law Faculty, 1996 - to present. Courses: Protective Labor Legislation (in past); Collective Labor Law (current).

·         Adjunct Lecturer, Tel Aviv University Law Faculty, in the 1990's.



Honors and Outside Activities:


·         Chairperson, Israel Chapter of the Society for Labor Law and Social Security, 1997 to date.

·         Chairperson, Committee appointed by the Minister of Sports to recommend amendments to the Sports Law regarding young athletes. 2013-2014.

·         Member, Prime Minister's Advisory Committee to the National Economic Council. from 2012.

·         Outstanding jurist of the year 2011, presented by the Israel Bar Association for special achievements in Israeli society and law.

·         Chosen by the Movement for Quality Government in Israel as the Knight of the Year 2011 in the Judicial Branch of Government.

·         Chairman, International Congress of the Society for Labour Law and Social Security, held in Israel in September 2000.

·         Co-chairman: Palestinian-Israeli seminar on social welfare under Oslo Agreement Legal Committee, Held in Ramallah, Palestinian Authority, August, 2000.

·         Chairman, 1993, 1995 International Conferences held in Jerusalem, on the Legal and Medical Aspects of Work Injuries. Member, International Steering Committee of this congress.

·         Member of the organizing committee European Labour Court Judges seminars, held under auspices of I.L.O. 

·         Member (in past), European Institute of Social Security.

·         Member of Advisory Board, International Journal of Social Security and Workers Compensation, Curtin University Business School, Curtin University, West Australia.

·         Member, Israel Museum committee for approving archaeology acquisitions.








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